Pre-Shoot Checklist

Whether we are taking photographs or filming video at your home this checklist is a must read!

Why a Checklist?

Our pre- shoot checklist will aid you in contributing to your property’s beautiful photos or dynamic video.

Before photos are taken, or video footage is recorded, your home needs to be “set up” so that our team can capture it’s best features.  Things in ‘real-life’ appear very differently on film, and our job is to ensure the photos look their very best.  The following checklist will ensure your photos or videos are the best possible.

{1.  Prioritize First}

Kitchens, master bedrooms, master bathrooms, and living rooms are major selling features.  These areas should especially conform to the items outlined in this checklist.

*  *  *  *  *

{2.  Let There Be Light!}

Light is one of the most important things that a camera needs to produce an amazing picture. Illuminate your home by:

  1. Pulling all curtains, and draperies open.
  2. Opening blinds
  3. Ensuring all light sockets (ceiling lights, ceiling fans, lamps, etc.)  have a working light bulb.

*  *  *  *  *

{3.  Eye Sore to Eye Candy}

          Dress up your house with accessories that make it look like a model home.

  1. Place fresh flowers and fruit in the kitchen or on the dining room table

                                                                 2. Make bathrooms feel like a spa with fresh flowers, towels, or candles.

(Tip: Remove personal toiletry items like shampoo bottles, razors, and soaps from the shower.) 

3.  Add warmth to the living room by lighting the fireplace or placing candles in the room.

A nice throw and opened book will add a cozy feel too.

      4.  Depersonalize the home of family photographs, trinkets, and collectables.

*  *  *  *  *

{4.  Clean, Clean, Clean}

These specific items will enhance your photo shoot or video production.

1.  Clear off all surfaces (counter tops, tables, bathroom vanities) of any unnecessary items.

(Tip: Remove electronics like alarm clocks and telephones from night stands)

2.  All beds should be made and bathrooms sanitized.

3. Vacuum and clear away unnecessary objects from the floor.

4.  Outdoor spaces should be free of toys, tools, and garbage/ recycling bins.  The yard should be neatly landscaped.

*  *  *  *  *

{5.  Cut the Clutter}

When showcasing a property it should look like a model home, so clearing away clutter is key.

1.  De-clutter bookshelves, mantles, and visible storage units.

2. Offices are major clutter culprits. Hide visible cords, stacks of paper, and excessive amounts of items on desks or other surfaces.

*  *  *  *  *

{6.  Create Curb Appeal}

The front of the property gives a potential buyer an idea of what the interior is like. Make buyer an idea of what the interior is like. Make a great  first impression by doing the following:

1.  Vehicles should be out of site (inside the garage or parked on the street on the day of the shoot)

2. The front door and porch should be swept clean and cobweb free.

3. Garbage and recycling bins should be away from the front of the house.

4. Toys, bicycles, garden hoses, and tools should be out of site.

5. Put fresh hanging or potted plants near the doorway. If the home already has flower or plant beds, make sure these areas are devoid of weeds and are tidy.

D.        Garbage and recycling bins should be away from the front of the house (place inside the garage or out of view).

E.        Toys, bicycles, and garden hoses and tools should be out of sight.

F.        Consider putting fresh hanging or potted plants near the doorway.

If your home already has flower or plant beds make sure these areas are devoid of weeds and tidy.

 *  *  *  *  *

The Pre-shoot Checklist is a great first step in preparing your home to be photographed.

 In addition to this checklist, read our article 4 Props that Pop.  This blog post discusses how four simple props can transform the way your home appears on film.

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